Planning for years, after being part of prominent bands in the Guadalajara metal scene, guitarist Alejandro Isaac changes residence to the City of Juarez, right in the northern border of the country, the place where he consolidates the current stage of Fahrenheit, along with his cousin and keyboardist Carlos Flores. At the closing of the year 2000 the band line-up is completed; in the year 2002 Fahrenheit records their debut demo CD titled “Epic Enter”, including songs with english lyrics, inspired by themes such as inner struggles, dreams and stories from past ages or the far away future.

   Several publications, both electronic and printed, radio, television and word of mouth in different countries helped in making Epic Enter a widely known release. During this time, magazines and festivals included reviews and songs of this demo in their promotional compilations, among them the Ecuador's Acero Magazine and the ProgPower USA III Festival in Atlanta, Georgia.

   After months of work, in 2005 Fahrenheit presents their first full length album, titled “Uncharted Dreams”, imprinting a more defined and personal style. Aiming to achieve a larger impact with the release, Alejandro y Carlos return to Guadalajara and with new members they record a music video for the Distan Sun single, promoted in national and international media, such as the Telehit channel, transmitted in Latin América and  Europe; adding to the supporting efforts, the song Evermore is included in the ProgPower USA VI Festival Compilation. Uncharted Dreams was distributed nationwide through Iguana Records and internacionally by Hellion Records (Germany) Melodic Revolution (USA), Rock Stakk and Rock Avenue Records (Japan).

During the promotional presentations for this release, guitarist and vocalist Alejandro Carrera joins the band; later on, Christian Gomez on drums and lastly Alejandro Gomez in bass guitar.

With this new line-up, Fahrenheit prepares their next album titled “Rain”, a concept album project with the collaboration of German Cuervo as producer and sound engineer.